Cat Friendly Spaces

We hold serious value on making sure that our patients have a stress-free experience at the vet. As part of our commitment, it’s important to us that we focus especially on cats and their particular needs because, as a species, they are really sensitive to stress and fear. More on our general approach to fear-free veterinary care here.

A Trip to the Vet Can Be Stressful for Cat Owners


The vast majority of patients in a typical vet clinic are dogs. Does this mean that cats are getting sick less than dogs? Does it mean that cats are rarer than dogs? No, and no. Cats are susceptible to all the same diseases as dogs, with the added risk of injury and trauma when they are allowed to roam freely. 

Many people avoid bringing their cats to the vet because it is a stressful experience for both them and the cat. They bring the cat carrier out, and the cat hides or runs away. There’s a battle to get into the carrier, the cat howls all the way to the clinic and when they’re finally there – the cat bites the vet! Yikes, sounds like a nightmare. This means that many people adopt a wait-and-see approach with their cats, to avoid having to go through this experience. 

Let’s break that cycle and give our feline friends the healthcare they deserve, without the trauma. 

How Ringwood Emergency Vet Provides a Better Experience for You and Your Cat:


  • Feline-Only Waiting Area (No Dogs!)

Our waiting room has a feline-specific waiting area. This means that your cat won’t come into eye contact with other dogs travelling in and out of the clinic. Our customer experience representative will sit with you in this area to arrange your upcoming appointments and invoices to avoid the need to cart your cat through the waiting area. 

  • Consulting Room Designed Just for Cats

Our feline-only consulting room is equipped with a small, portable examination table to help examine your cat in the position they feel most comfortable. It is also equipped with a Feliway pheromone diffuser which pours happy pheromones in the environment, reassuring your cat that this is a happy, safe place.

  • Cat-Only Hospital Ward

Our cat-only hospital ward is also equipped with a Feliway pheromone diffuser. Cats are kept in their own specially designed cat hospital, away from the sights, sounds and smells of our canine patients. Most procedures can be performed in our cat hospital, avoiding the need to stress your cat by taking them through the main hospital. 

  • Keeping Your Cat Calm and Comfortable

Ringwood Vet Hospital practitioners will also work with you to find out what makes your cat feel most comfortable and note this on their patient records for future visits. For many cats, having a mild anti-anxiety medication prior to their appointment, makes the difference between cowering and urinating in the cat carrier, to happily being examined in the safety of their pet-parents lap.

Want to know more about how we’re working to help improve your cat’s experience at the vet hospital? Give us a ring to have all your questions answered.