How We Do It

Here’s a sneaky peek at some of the equipment, facilities and support systems that make our hospital so unique. Still curious? Book an appointment for a hospital tour – we’re very proud, and will take any opportunity to show it off!

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging

Ultrasonography, Digital Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Endoscopy and CT scanner.

Advanced Life Support

CPR, ventilation, oxygen therapy, feeding tubes. We work hard to give your pet a fighting chance.

Isolation Ward

Keeps contagious patients separate from the hospital ward, but still under direct observation.

Cat Friendly

Cat-only hospital ward and consulting area minimise your cat’s stress amongst the hospital’s hustle-and-bustle.

Access to Specialists

Board-certified veterinary surgical and medical specialists for internal referral, all under one roof!

Emergency Surgery

State of the art operating theatre and high-level, precision anaesthetic monitoring.


Antivenins, antidotes, and plasma on-hand, just to name a few!

On-Site Pathology Laboratory

Fully comprehensive profiles with quick turn-around for results, usually less than 1 hour.


24/7 Pet Emergency Care

24 Hour Veterinary Emergency Hospital

No Appointment Needed

Call Now: (03) 8595 6655


General Vet Care

We are a fully equipped veterinary hospital and emergency unit, staffed 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. This means that at any time, on any day of the year, we are here, capable and ready to help.

Here are just a few examples of some of the ways we are able to help


Peace Of Mind

Never be faced with large or unexpected vet bills again.

A fortnightly subscription club that covers you for any surprises!

where to find us

Ringwood Vet Hospital Location

24 Hour Veterinary Emergency Hospital

Call Now: (03) 8595 6655

Location: 8 Maroondah Highway, Ringwood