Advanced Imaging

Beyond the first-line diagnostic imaging suite, we are proud to offer high-level veterinary care with 24-hour access to specialised imaging equipment. Most veterinary clinics will not have access to these tools, in which case we are certainly able to perform these studies and relay your results directly to your regular veterinarian. Read more about them below;


CT Scanner


Our absolute pride and the heart of imaging. The CT scanner is able to take 3-dimensional x-rays of your pet in mere minutes. A full CT study can be completed in under 10 minutes under sedation. In some cases, your veterinarian may be able to provide you with preliminary findings at this time. All CT scan images are sent to a specialist radiologist for interpretation, with results available in under 4 hours. CT scans can be useful for a huge variety of conditions, from surgical planning, like determining the best way to access a tumour, or can also be used to screen for metastasis of cancer. It is a powerful tool and we are very excited to be able to offer it under our roof.




The best way to think of the fluoroscope is as a machine which provides real-time x-rays. This is important when studying issues that aren’t obvious all the time. For instance, if your dog has a problem swallowing food, issues may not be obvious until it comes to swallowing. In which case, they can be fed a meal and the fluoroscopy can take an x-ray video of them whilst they eat to identify swallowing disorders. Other common disorders investigated with fluoroscopy include urinary tract problems and collapsing windpipes. 




Endoscopy allows for minimally invasive examination of hard to reach areas. It is a small camera and light attached to the end of a fibre-optic cable. Small and fine cameras can be used up the nose and in the ears, whereas larger and more mobile cameras can be used down the airways, or even down into the stomach to retrieve something that may be stuck or require biopsy. 

To read more about our first-line diagnostic imaging, such as x-ray and ultrasound, read here.


Way Ahead


We then share our professional advice regarding your pet, and together with you will formulate a plan for the upcoming year. Perhaps more exercise, Introducing a joint health supplement, a serious change of diet and anything else that will improve the health and happiness of your pet.

Finally, your veterinarian will arrange to see you both back to do it all again next year!