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Rest-assured that our team of experienced professionals can give you the confidence that your feline friends and canine companions are in the right hands.  As excited as we are to meet you and your fur family, we’re also excited to introduce you to our family. Click on the staff members below to find out more about our team members.

Dr. Renier Oosthuizen

Renier gained extensive experience in production animal medicine in his home country South Africa. A far cry from his roots, Renier then relocated to New Zealand and focused on small animal practice for 15 years. Now settled in Ringwood, he is the founder of Lily and Monbulk Veterinary Clinics, and proprietor of Ringwood Vet Emergency. If you haven’t noticed Renier around the clinic, you’ve probably seen his poodle’s Edward and Pixie patrolling the hospital.

Dr. Miranda Oosthuizen

Miranda achieved her veterinary degree from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. Miranda spent many years practicing veterinary medicine in New Zealand, before moving to Australia in 2007. Miranda works as a clinician at the Lilydale Veterinary Centre and provides support to the team at Ringwood Veterinary Emergency. When she’s not surrounded by fur, Miranda enjoys the marvels of chalk paint.

Dr. Stellar Kim

Stellar moved to Melbourne shortly after achieving her veterinary degree at Massey University, New Zealand. She began her career in the general practice sphere, but quickly developed a love for fast-paced emergency medicine. Stellar joined the Ringwood Vet Emergency team to explore an expanding interest in surgery and critical care. If you mention fine food, you’ve got Stella’s attention – she loves exploring Melbourne’s gastronomy scene and travelling abroad.

Colin Pettibone

Colin graduated from Saint Leo University in Florida with a BS in Business Administration and Management. Colin has extensive management experience spanning 20 years! He retired from the military, married an Australian and moved to Canberra in 2015. This is where Colin started his veterinary career as a Practice Manager. He loves the job, and describes it as the perfect second career as it combines his love for people with his love for animals. We are very lucky to have Colin join the team at the beginning of 2019. Colin and his partner’s fur-family include a cavoodle, mini-schnauzer and rag-doll cat. Colin likes to play golf and video games, fly drones and sightsee around Australia.

Dr. Vicky Wade

Dr Vicky has achieved a Bachelor of Science as well as Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Melbourne. Although Vicky has a keen professional interest in palliative care and dentistry, she says the best part of her job by far is building relationships with pets and their families. She’s always down for a good chat! Outside of the clinic, Vicky and hubbie Brett are kept very busy with their two young children; Vin and Gracie. When not watching Teletubbies or rehearsing the alphabet, Vicky loves a good Netflix binge with some retail therapy on the side.

Dr. Mananya "Ya" Prateeppornsak

Since I was born, we always have cats and dogs at home. They are family members and my best friends. When I was young, when people asked me what do you want to be in your future? My answer was anything that I can be with the animal everyday. Not long ago I was sitting on the couch and realist how good my life is. I wake up every day with my dog and cat next to me then go to work, say hello to our clinic cats and seeing all fluffy boys and girls for the whole day and back home to cuddle my girls.❤

Sarah Smith

For as long as I can remember I have been a people person. I’ve always loved being in a position where I can help people and make them feel welcomed, valued and appreciated. Being in this job allows me to help clients through the good times and the bad… and seeing all the gorgeous fur babies is such a great bonus!

Tara Garth

Through all my schooling I thought I would become a Veterinarian (even studying advanced subjects for entry to uni), but I felt that I would benefit from experience in the field prior to applying to uni.  Straight out of Year 12 I took a voluntary position as a nurse to get a feel for the work.  This turned into a paid position within a week, and after witnessing the often difficult positions Veterinarians are placed in, I decided my place in this industry is as a nurse.

Celiana Tran

I have an engineering degree but I found my passion in customer service and I have been working in the hospitality industry for over 10 years. Joining Ringwood Vet Emergency Customer Experience is a new venture in my customer service career and I have been enjoying it very much.

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