Fear Free Philosophy

Why is it that pets hate the vet?


When you think about it, the vet clinic is a weird place, for most pet’s it’s filled with experiences like having needles and staying all day in hospital and waking up from surgery and anaesthesia. All of which can be scary and confusing. 


And it’s been that way for so long – it’s time to change. Our pet’s are an important part of our family, and it’s important we listen to the signals they’re giving us. Our mission is to help people and help their pets. Frightening your pet to the point they’re trying to hide behind you is not what coming to your family clinic should be about. 


We are serious about providing a fear-free environment for your pet, there is no doubt that mental pain is just as debilitating as physical illness. This is true of whether your pet is coming in for a physical check-up, or staying with us to support them through prolonged illness. 


How do we do it?


  • Cat-Friendly Spaces
    Our cats are very special, and not just ‘little dogs’. As part of our commitment to supporting our feline friends, our clinic has been specifically designed to provide cat-friendly consulting and hospital areas. To find out more about our spaces, please click here.


  • Fear-Free Certified Practitioners
    Did you know that Dr Vicky and Dr Sarah are certified Fear-Free practitioners? This means that they have undergone extensive further education and training on managing fear, stress and anxiety in pets. This means that during your consultation, your pet’s level of fear and stress will be recorded, and anything they particularly like will be noted in their file. For instance, ‘Loves peanut butter’, or ‘Prefers to be examined in mum’s lap’.


  • Fear-Free Hospital Stays
    Many of our patients requiring urgent hospitalisation aren’t used to being separated from their family, let alone having to be confined to a veterinary kennel. It can be stressful, and even traumatic. And it’s not fair. We aim to make sure that your pet is consistently nursed by the same staff, to avoid multiple handlers which can be scary. If your pet is not coping with hospitalisation, rather than let them cry themselves to sleep, we will discuss with you administering a mild anti-anxiety medication to minimise their stress.


Our understanding of pets, and the fear and anxiety they experience in the hospital is always expanding, and is unique to each individual. It’s an exciting concept to be able to have pet’s that aren’t frightened at the vet, and so can receive the treatment they need, peacefully. 


There is so much more we can do to help your pet during their veterinary visit. For more information, please call the clinic to discuss your pet’s unique situation.