Vaccination is important not only for ourselves but for our pets. Consistent and widespread vaccination not only protects your pet but also vulnerable pets in our community. But there are many different types of vaccinations, how do you know which one you will need? And how often does your pet need to be vaccinated?

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Your pet needs a routine health check-up at least once per year. Our veterinarians will perform a check of all vital signs and discuss blood screening tests to identify any health issues before they become a concern. These appointments will often discuss newly detected heart murmurs, obesity, dental disease and lumps.

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It all starts with a consultation. This is a 20 minute, three-way meeting between you, your pet and your veterinarian in which you are able to discuss your concerns whilst your pet receives a thorough examination and professional advice. Enjoy seeing the same veterinarian every time you visit.

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Did you know that 4 out of 5 dogs and cats have dental disease! How would you know if that was your pet? When it comes to teeth, they’re just as important to your pet as a set of fingers – so we take them very seriously. Exceptional dental care is standard for all of our oral procedures, and include ultrasonic scaling, polishing as well as full mouth x-rays. And this is just the beginning – dental care starts at home, so get those toothbrushes out!

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Routine parasite control is important to keep your pet healthy and free from disease. It can be easy to forget or neglect this aspect of your pet’s health, but you are soon reminded by pesky fleas. And they’re just the parasites that you can see – what about the ones that you can’t? Heartworm is especially dangerous, and we recommend yearly anti-heartworm injections to ensure that your pet remains protected. 

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All cats and dogs are required to be microchipped prior to adoption, and local councils require a microchip for registration purposes. Microchips are your pet’s ticket back home and have saved many families from sleepless nights. As with any form of technology, microchips can sometimes stop transmitting, so we will check your pet’s microchip at every visit.

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With a fully equipped laboratory in the hospital we are able to perform most blood, urine and tissue testing on-site. This means that your pet’s pathology results are usually available within minutes, allowing them to receive the treatment they need without delay. Sometimes specialised pathology services are required, and your pet’s samples are sent to an external laboratory for further testing. 

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Ringwood Vet Hospital is equipped with advanced digital X-ray machinery, allowing us to take extremely high-quality images extremely quickly relative to traditionally developed x-ray machines. This allows the Vets to better detect problems and abnormalities.

At Ringwood Vet Hospital we have an advanced digital x-ray machine which allows us to take extremely high-quality images very quickly relative to traditional x-ray machines. Not only does this mean we can better detect abnormalities and problems, it means we can easily show our clients!

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We have access to ultrasound technology, which may not sound impressive but trust us – when your pet needs an ultrasound, and we do one, it will be a big deal. Ultrasounds give us the ability to take a deeper look at what may be going on inside your pet. While x-rays show us bones and hard material, ultrasounds show is the softer stuff. Some clinics will send you off to visit a specialist, not us! We can do the ultrasound in-house.

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Puppy Preschool

Nobody does puppy preschool like our four-week puppy kinder program! Each week, our young puppies spend the entire day at our Lilydale clinic – playing with other pups, as well as fitting in a bath and nail trim before heading back home again. An entire day of supervised playtime means our puppies not only love coming to the vets but feel more confident and comfortable around other dogs. This is an essential program for all puppies.

Find out all about our Puppy pre-School.

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High quality advanced x-ray imaging allows us to take high-quality two-dimensional x-rays of your pet with images available immediately. Ultrasound is excellent for assessing the inside structure and function of soft tissues, such as the heart. Immediate ultrasound can also be critical in emergency situations to allow for quick treatment.


Find out more about our x-ray and ultrasound imaging services,

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Advanced Imaging

Advanced imaging modalities aim to offer the best in terms of diagnostics with the aim of being minimally invasive. We offer your pet a variety of imaging methods such as fluoroscopy (real-time x-ray videos), endoscopy (fibre optic cameras) and CT scanning (3-dimensional x-ray reconstructions). 


Have you been told your pet needs advanced imaging? Find out more here.

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24 hours per day, 365 days per year – we are here for you. Our doors never close. On any given night, our emergency department can be exposed to sore ears, rashes, snake bites and road traffic accidents. Thin antivenin, plasma, respirators – it’s all in a night’s work! After hours patients are seen on a triage basis – so no appointments are required. 


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There’s more to a pet’s life than healthiness, sickness and death. We are passionate about encouraging and celebrating the unbreakable bond between you and your furry companion. If your pet is trying to cope with a terminal disease, we would like to help by making each day as comfortable as we can. Nursing a sick pet can be difficult for them, as well as for you. We’re not going to bail just because things are getting hard – let us help.


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Peace of Mind

Confused by pet insurance? Lots of tricky terms and conditions – not sure what’s in and what’s out? Us too. Welcome to Peace of Mind. This is our in-clinic membership program which entitles your pet to 75% off their veterinary bills! Yup, that’s right – 75% OFF! Heaps of perks and member benefits, as well as huge discounts off your veterinary bills, take the stress out of the vet. 


Interested? Visit our Peace of Mind website here.

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Fear Free Philosophy

Pets hate the vet. It’s a sad truth – we do this job because we love animals, and want to help – but a vet clinic is a scary place. Not any more. Our clinic adopts the Fear Free philosophy which means that we go above and beyond for your pet’s comfort. Does your pet prefer to be examined in your lap, or on the floor? No problems. Unexpected hospital stay? Let us help with some anxiety relief medication. 


What does it mean to be Fear Free? Read on here

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Orthopaedic and Soft Tissue Surgery

Ringwood Vet Hospital boasts a double sterile operating suite open at any time of the day, or night. Our surgeons are able to help with all sorts of procedures, from urgent abdominal surgery at 2 am, to a planned knee reconstruction. Where specialist level surgical precision is required, for instance, spinal repair, top Melbourne surgical specialists are available to perform the surgery at our hospital, to save transporting your pet to different locations.


What kind of surgeries are performed at Ringwood Vet Hospital? Find out more here.

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We love cats. We understand they are not small versions of dogs and that they can’t be treated the same. To accommodate our feline friends, we have a cat-only section of our waiting area, immediately outside our feline-only consulting suite. In the hospital, our cats are hospitalised in a feline-only hospital ward with plenty of cosy hiding spaces and dimmed lights. This allows cats to feel safer than on the hospital ward floor with lots of action and of course, dogs. Our hospital ward and consulting suite are both equipped with Feliway pheromone diffusers.


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