What’s that thing called? Henry’s Pocket!

Henry’s Pocket. It’s on your cat. It’s on your dog. I bet you’ve noticed it before, and played with it, maybe even wondered what if it had a name. 


So, can you guess where it is?







Times up! Henry’s pocket is that cute little flap of skin on the margin of the ear. Well, we call it the cutaneous marginal pouch, but Henry’s Pocket is much cuter. No-one really knows what it does, maybe it improves their hearing, it’s possible. What I do know is that it’s a good spot of ticks to hang out. We see a number of ticks in our local area, especially bush ticks, so make sure your pet is on a great preventative as well as check them frequently.

So, there you go! Henry’s Pocket – the more ya know!!!

Dr. Vicky Wade