One Rule to Save on Cat Vet Bills

If, like me, you’re a cat lover – you’re sharing your home with more than one cat. Even if you’ve got more self-control than me, and it’s just you and one cat – I’ve got a golden rule to help keep you out of my exam room.

One each, plus one. 

What this means is that for each cat you haven you should provide them with one of each resource, but one extra.

For example;

  • If you have one cat;
    Have at least two water bowls, litter trays, cat scratchers, etc.


  • If you have three cats;
    Have at least four water bowls, litter trays, cat scratchers, etc. 
How to know if you have a “Bully Cat”

In general, cat’s are not entirely thrilled to be in a social environment, they’re not craving ‘a friend’, although many will tolerate it. Unfortunately, cues that you have a bully cat in your house can be extremely subtle, and may even be misinterpreted as signs of affection. 

Signs that you might have a bully in the house include toileting accidents, fighting, grumbling, chasing, non-reciprocal grooming and the classic one fat cat living with one petite cat. 

Which causes stress…

This can cause stress between both cats and lead to complicated health issues that manifest as vomiting, urinary accidents, spraying, aggression and over-grooming. Urinary problems, in particular, are liable to land you in the emergency room at 2 am. 

Remember, even solo cats need to play by these rules as well. Cats are not only predators, but also prey species, and easily feel exposed and vulnerable. Give them options to choose multiple resources.

By offering multiple sources of water you are giving your cat an opportunity to drink when they feel safe, regardless of how many cats you have.

Treatments for these conditions involve a stress management plan. Be proactive about reducing stress for your cat’s health. 

If you see the above symptoms in your cat, your cat may very well be drinking less than a healthy cat should. Please reach out to us for a consultation.

Dr. Vicky Wade