Vicky Wade

Lead Veterinarian at Ringwood Vet Hospital and Emergency

Why does Vicky do it?

I remember when I was only a little girl, my grandad would tell me how he knew that one day I would be a veterinarian. He would help me to imagine all the different sorts of sick animals I would help. We’d wonder about whether I would get to help gorillas, cows or dogs. It’s not just what I’ve always wanted ‘to be’, but it’s who I’ve always been.

What pets does Vicky have at home?

Cookie, 10-year-old Devon Rex cat. Superpower is finding all of the warm spots in record time. 

Schnitzel 8-year-old Devon Rex cat. A villainous cat who yells for food. 

Pepito 6-year-old Spoodle dog. Super smart, and super-naughty. 

Macneal and Stimpson, blind four-year-old poodle twins. Not very clever, I’m afraid. But give the best cuddles.

Vicky’s Speciality?

Oral health and treatment (dentistry) 

End of life care – provided caring and support for families and their pets who are terminally ill.

Fun Fact!

I love watching horror movies, even though they scare the pants off me and I can’t sleep for the next three nights.