Dr. Vicky Wade

Veterinarian at Ringwood Vet Hospital & Emergency and Lilydale Vet Centre.

Why did you choose to become a veterinarian? 

When I was little, some kids wanted to be astronauts, others police officers – for me, it was always a veterinarian. I feel incredibly lucky to have landed my childhood dream – it’s absolutely everything I had ever hoped for. I adore pets, and just don’t think I’ll ever find myself doing anything other than this.

Do you have any pets at home? 

Pepito. Roan Spoodle. Unhinged, bananas, owns my heart.
Stimpson. Cavoodle. Desperately affectionate.
MacNeal. Cavoodle. Dreams of growing up into a Rottweiler one day.
Teddy. Schnoodle. 10/10 Good boy.
Cookie. Devon Rex. Not afraid to bully anyone into sharing their body warmth.
Schnitzel. Devon Rex. Fulltime foot cosey.

What are your interest areas when it comes to veterinary medicine? 

I am crazy about teeth – dental care, surgery, saving teeth, extracting teeth. I am fascinated by it all. I’m also really excited about dermatology, my own pets suffer with allergies so I get it – I love seeing the transformations. I also very much enjoy treating patients with complex diseases – I love scratching through the clues to find the answers for pet families who are often very distressed.

What is something interesting that we may not know about you?

At minimum, at the very least once per week, you’ll catch me watching Jaws, and Jurassic Park. I can’t help myself, I love blockbuster monster horror. The Fly, The Thing, Alien, Predator – they suck me in every time!