Tara Garth

Lead Nurse at Ringwood Vet Hospital and Emergency

Why do you do what you do?

Through all my schooling I thought I would become a Veterinarian (even studying advanced subjects for entry to uni), but I felt that I would benefit from experience in the field prior to applying to uni.  Straight out of Year 12 I took a voluntary position as a nurse to get a feel for the work.  This turned into a paid position within a week, and after witnessing the often difficult positions Veterinarians are placed in, I decided my place in this industry is as a nurse.

Tell us about your pets.

I have three pets at home currently: 

Georgio Armani is my beautiful Flame Point Ragdoll who just adores me follows me around when I’m at home.

Minccino is one of Mumma Cat’s kittens and he has the same personality as her.  He is absolutely nuts and keeps us constantly entertained with his adventures.  He particularly enjoys getting into spots around the house he isn’t allowed to access.

Miayze is my partner’s Kelpie and she is just as crazy as Minccino.  She loves playing with the cats and enjoys joining us on bike rides (she runs alongside the whole way).

What is your speciality?

I enjoy what I do now which is a lot of administration work, and things behind the scenes to keep the clinics running.  

I am still called upon for assistance with difficult cases, and quite often perform CT Scans.

Fun Fact!

I was born locally but spent most of my life in rural WA and tropical QLD.  I enjoy the complete polar opposites of my life here, and back with my family in QLD.  QLD has better weather by far.