Should My Pet Be Seen?

My dog just isn’t his usual self, does he need to be seen? Call us.
My cat hasn’t eaten tonight, does she need to be seen? Call us.
My dog has been vomiting, but otherwise seems to be happy, does he need to be seen? Call us!
You get the idea, sometimes it’s not so obvious whether your pet needs medical attention. If your pet is behaving unusually, not-quite-right or you’re just not sure, we are here to help. It may be that we need to hospitalise your pet for intensive critical care, or it may just be peace of mind that everything is ok. We strongly encourage you to present to the clinic for an examination, or even just have a chat with us. No problem is too small.

Just like in a human hospital, all patients are triaged on arrival. This means that your pet is immediately assessed and ranked as to how urgently they require our care. Patients are then seen by the veterinarian in order of urgency. Please rest-assured that, despite the triage process, no pets will be left to suffer.

If we have not seen your pet before, it is incredibly helpful to bring any vaccination records, medical history or any blood test results that you may have. If you are presenting to our emergency service, we will always ask for the details of your usual veterinarian so that we can keep them informed throughout the treatment period.

Remember, if you are at all unsure, we urge you to please just call and chat with our team.

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