Renier Oosthuizen

Big Boss

Why did you decide to do what you currently do?

I was a farm animal vet all my life until we moved to Melbourne in 2007. This required a dramatic change in my knowledge base as there was a very steep learning curve. Lots of studying and mentoring by my wife Miranda, which filled the gaps. My special veterinary interest is emergency work, especially trauma cases – I love the adrenaline & sense of urgency- it really lets my experience and knowledge shine! Establishing & managing my 3 vet clinics covers my other passion: Business.

What’s your Pet?

Toy poodle, Pixie she’s old, a bit senile, completely deaf and struggling with sight. Becoming a really demanding old lady and needs to be taken out during the night or she makes a mess overnight. Standard poodle, Eddie: Gracious, elegant white standard Poodle. He has a crooked immune system but his personality lifts anybody’s spirits. They come to work with me and often tour between the clinics. At home we have a cat: she talks all the time to us, sits on our laps and misses the boys after they’ve left home.

What’s your specialist area?

I am pretty much living my dream! The next phase would be semi-retirement combined with extended touring in Southeast Asia and spending lots of time in Africa – savannah, antelopes, big cats. Living my dream!

Whats an interesting fact about you?

I cook an awesome curry and Irish stew!