Miah Stern

Technician at Ringwood Vet Hospital & Emergency and Lilydale Vet Centre.

Why did you choose to become a veterinary technician? 

Since a young age, I’ve always been surrounded by chickens, dogs, cats, fish and turtles. This really helped guide me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Veterinary and Animal Bioscience, which I graduated from in 2021. I have been working veterinary technician ever since!

Do you have any pets at home? 

Charlie and Spud, my tri-colour Maine Coons – both gentle and cuddly giants. 

What are your interest areas when it comes to working with animals? 

I am excited about wildlife welfare and conservation, but also physical rehabilitation as well. 

What is something interesting that we may not know about you?

I always thought that I was a dog person, however my Russian Blue and Maine Coons have helped me to see the light – I’m a cat person!