Mananya “Ya” Prateeppornsak

Veterinarian At Ringwood Vet Hospital and Emergency and Lilydale Vet Centre

How did Ya get here?

Since I was born, we always had cats and dogs at home. They are family members and my best friends. When I was young, people would ask me “what do you want to be in your future?” My answer was anything, as long as I can be with animals everyday. Not long ago I was sitting on the couch and realised how good my life is. I wake up every day with my dog and cat next to me then go to work, say hello to our clinic cats and seeing all the fluffy boys and girls for the whole day and back home to cuddle my girls.❤

Do you have any pets, Ya?

Kitty Domestic Short Hair, calico, 3 years old

She is an independent but cuddly girl. She used to be a stray cat and has been re-homed twice as she was a timid little girl and kept hissing. I was at RSPCA 2 years ago with my partner just  “having a look, we won’t adopt anything today”. An hour later, we were on the way home with this little girl. It took 23 hours a day, 7 days a week for 6 months for her to go from hissing and hiding in the box to sitting on my lap. Now she is a very confident and happy girl. My bed and my spot on the couch are now her bed and her spot, and she is kind enough to share them with me.

Lexi, American Staffy cross, 6 years old, bundle

Lexi is a very sweet and clumsy girl. She is 34 kg’s but insists on being a lap dog. She is always happy, ready to play, seeking food, and jumping around the house every time we say “walk” instead of “W-A-L-K”.

Ya’s Speciality?

I am working towards specialising in Cats, soft tissue surgery, and ultrasound

Ya’s Fun Fact!

I’m from Thailand and I only planned to travel around Australia with my friend for a year and now I’ve been living here for almost 6 years. 

I love exploring yummy Thai food in Melbourne. If you want to know where to try the best Thai food in Melbourne, don’t forget to ask me in the consultation room!