Jess Mattsson

Nurse at Ringwood Vet Hospital & Emergency and Lilydale Vet Centre.

Why did you choose to become a veterinary nurse? 

I have always wanted to work in the animal industry, for as long as I can remember. I completed a bachelor’s degree at university and started nursing once I graduated. A year later – I haven’t looked back. It is a crazy environment sometimes, especially in an emergency, but there is always something beautiful.

Do you have any pets at home? 

I have a blue fawn whippet named Ruby. She is a maniac and definitely has a tonne of sass, but I wouldn’t change her for the world! Her favourite activity is driving her mum crazy, and then begging for forgiveness with a snuggle in bed. Works every time.

What are your interest areas when it comes to working with animals? 

I love it all, there are so many avenues to explore in this career – the diversity is what makes this field so enticing for me.

What is something interesting that we may not know about you?

I am a not-so-secret Harry Potter nerd, and I have no shame in that! I am a big fantasy person and have a little obsession of collecting books, most of which I have read, and some still calling my name.